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Integrative Massage and Body Therapy:
Attuning the body, mind, and spirit through touch and energy

3970 N. Oakland, Suite 502 • Shorewood, WI 53211
(414) 278-0440 •

mark robers massage therapist

Experience the sense of:

• Deep Relief
• Profound Relaxation
• In-Body Awareness
• Pain Reduction
• Increased Movement
• Interactive Therapy
• Indivualized Treatment
• Unraveling Post-Trauma
• Listening to one's Body
• Precise Touch
• Subtle Energy
• Bridging the Body & Mind

Also known as a "muscle whisperer," I have been serving in physical therapy practice since 1989. My approach to the field of Body Therapy is holistic. I stay true to the belief that we as people have many different aspects to us and different levels of holding patterns. I also hold the intention to help get to the root cause of symptoms by combining the knowledge of how we interact with, and to, the pull of gravity, the symphonic play of muscles patterns, and the interaction of form and function.

I successfully practice under the belief system that we are multiple dimensional, that we all can change and grow—we learn from our bodies and it holistically teaches us. Life is miraculous.


Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist